End of Year Reflection Time

It’s that time of year again. Not Thanksgiving–we got that over with in October–but, well, the beginning of the end. We’re nearly 11/12ths of the way through this, um, interesting year. I’m trying not to come right out and say it sucked. But honestly, 2020, what the eff.

Anyway. In the interests of ending the year as I mean to go on, here’s a list of stuff that didn’t suck this year, to which I give the enthusiastic thanks, I guess.

The Inside Edge cover
  • I finished two books! The Inside Edge comes out next week, with String Theory, cowritten with Morgan James, to follow in the summer. It’s been a long time since I finished two books in a year, so we’re focusing on that instead of the mumble-mumble projects languishing at anywhere between 10k and 40k on my hard drive.
  • Soft media. I spent a lot of quality time on my couch this year due do a combination of self-isolating and a broken foot. My favorite discovery this year is Still Standing, is a Canadian gentle stand-up comedy show where Jonny Harris (aka Constable George Crabtree from Murdoch Mysteries) travels to struggling Canadian small towns and writes a show about their problems (and triumphs). It’s just gentle, supportive comedy. I also enjoyed Julie and the Phantoms, aka the Netflix show about teenagers that was definitely written for millennials, in which nearly every male character is a himbo. Thanks, Netflix. You da real MVP.
  • There was NHL hockey on my birthday! That’s never happened before.
  • Joe Biden won Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin like 30 times. Say what you like about the old man, he’s got stamina.
  • Destiel became canon–on second thought I think that goes on a different list. What’s your address, Supernatural writers, I just want to talk.
From user deanismypatronass on Tumblr
  • Speaking of the unspeakable, THE MEMES. I think I need to do a Best Memes of 2020 roundup. This year’s memelords were on point.
  • Gritty (see above).

What about you? What didn’t suck about 2020?

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