The Winging It Holiday Special

Winging It Holiday Special cover

This title is currently unavailable as the Hockey Ever After series undergoes edits prior to the publication of Winging It (2nd edition) and Scoring Position. It will be available again in fall of 2022.

Sequel to Winging It.

Hockey’s started, holidays are looming, and NHL player Dante Baltierra’s husband is keeping secrets.

Of course, secrets aren’t unusual this time of year, but Dante is pretty sure Gabe isn’t being squirrelly about a new flat screen or tickets for a second honeymoon. Whatever is eating Gabe is more serious than a surprise under the tree. But as much as Dante wants to help, asking about it would be fruitless. Besides, he has a theory about the problem—and the solution.

He’s just not sure Santa has the power to deliver what Gabe really wants this Christmas.

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