November News Roundup

With only two weeks left until the release of The Inside Edge, I thought it was time to do a news update.

First seems fairly obvious from the header: I’ve joined Bookbub! Yes, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into *checks calendar* November 2020. You can follow me over there for book news, including new releases and promotions, as well as the occasional recommendation.

Second, and speaking of The Inside Edge–check out this great review from Publishers Weekly, which says:

Kane writes with a huge helping of heat and heart, and a stellar supporting cast—especially Nate’s entertaining mother, Diane, and his close friends Kelly and Caley—bolster the romance. Kane’s pitch-perfect plotting keeps just the right amount of tension throughout, and the lively conclusion will delight readers. This is a treat.

Publishers Weekly review, issue dated October 26, 2020

And finally, I’m pleased to announce Morgan James and I wrote another book together! String Theory is the story of a charming underachieving piano bar musician and the professional pop violinist who falls hopelessly in love with him. Look for it summer 2021.

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