Upcoming Release Announcement! The Inside Edge!

Header image: The Inside Edge banner

For everyone who’s been wondering ever since Winging It when I’d write another hockey book… the answer is, May through June. Surprise!

No one is more shocked than I am that being laid up with a broken foot sustained falling down the stairs at a hockey game two weeks before we went into lockdown for a global pandemic would lead to actual productivity, but I mean… there wasn’t any real hockey on.

The Inside Edge follows former NHL player and current sports TV personality Nate Overton and his flamboyant, sassy new cohost, figure skater Aubrey Chase, on their quest to reinvigorate a floundering hockey news program. But it ain’t smooth sailing. They’ll have to deal with a pathological need for attention (Aubrey), an equally severe need to loosen up (Nate), and a sexual attraction that’s way too hot for primetime….

The Inside Edge releases December 1. You can preorder it from Dreamspinner here.

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