Happy fall, y’all.

There are few things in life I love more than pumpkin spice latte season. Which is weird because I do not actually like pumpkin spice lattes.

I love when the air gets crisp and the leaves turn colors and then start to crunch underfoot. I love the wide blue skies that go on to touch the horizon in all directions–and where I live it’s not unusual to be able to see the horizon in every direction. I love sweater weather, and having to wear a toque when I walk the dog, and oh yeah, hockey season. I love hot tea and listening to the wind in the trees. Fall: I’m here for it.

And now that it’s no longer 80F outside, I can finally enjoy it!

Today I’m enjoying it with a midday jaunt to the dog park with Indy and his BFF, and also with my pumpkin spice TEA latte (with this magical tea from David’s) in my adorable color-changing fox mug (see header). Maybe I’ll even watch hockey later while drinking another mug. It’s caffeine-free, Mom! I can drink it as late as I want!

Fall also always seems to bring a surge of creativity as I look forward to the cozy months of winter. Winter itself sucks out loud after January 1, but up until then it’s all holiday parties and seasonal decor and pretending you can eat whatever you want because you have to put on your winter layer to keep warm. I currently have minor home reno plans, a few craft projects on the table, a shiny new idea to turn into a book, and just enough time to believe I can do it all, because my husband’s going away on business so it’s not like I’ll be cooking or grocery shopping. WHILE THE CAT IS AWAY, etc.

I can’t wait to get and carve a pumpkin and stockpile Halloween candy.

I also bought a 1970s era hifi, complete with cabinet and speakers. There’s something funky going on with one of the transistors, because the speakers (or headphones if you use them) crackle on the left side, but otherwise it’s in good working order and just needs to not be walnut brown. I am excited to bring you updates as this project progresses. Fall: the time I commit to Doing Stuff!

Tune in next week, when everything is half finished and I’m exhausted….

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