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Happy Wednesday, Mouseketeers! I apologise for the belated blog post, but last Wednesday was sacrificed to the gods of Too Much Sun and Not Enough Electrolytes and I spent it doing penance instead of updating y’all on how much I love Disney World. Which is LOTS, even if Disney World tried to make me feel like soggy garbage. Fortunately I had Claudia Mayrant to buy me a Powerade.

And also to take this picture of me wearing a pirate hat.

img-20180919-wa0000.jpg 20180918_195845

I took this one, though. Because sometimes you’re Gabe, sometimes you’re Baller. I do think I look fetching in the pirate hat.

For anyone who’s wondering, Magic Kingdom during a Halloween party is really heckin’ cool. It’s less crowded, and once the sun goes down it’s also less blisteringly hot, and for some reason everyone stands in line for candy instead of rides. You can buy candy at the drugstore, friends! We squeezed in Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, as well as a sit-down dinner and a long break for rest and refreshments, between 5 and 11 without particularly hurrying from A to B. And the costumes we saw were so great! Lots of Mary Poppinses (Marys Poppins?), and families with baby Peter Pans and Tinker Bells, and many variations on the princesses.

Oh yeah, and the lightposts all look like this:


And there’s a different parade. With villains! And a Hocus Pocus show at the Castle. You like Hocus Pocus, right?

Anyway, that was Tuesday. Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom and again took it easy. Or so I thought. We began with lunch at Satu’li, which had very good food–I had a grilled beef rice bowl. Then we safaried, journeyed to another world where we rode on the backs of banshees, got drenched on Kali River Rapids, and blow-dried ourselves on Expedition Everest (twice in a row without waiting).

Thursday was Epcot day; it was 104 degrees after the humidity and I don’t know how anyone does anything in this state. I think we left the park by 2. This Canadian has been melted outdoors only to go inside to freeze in the A/C so many times. I’m starting to look and feel like the road outside my house. WORTH IT, THOUGH.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO the Dreamspinner Press Author Workshop. There was so much knowledge to absorb and so little time to absorb it in. No matter how fast Damon Suede talks, I don’t think he could have squeezed everything into my brain, even if he narrated every session (which would have necessitated a Time Turner). Some of the sessions were new information, and some were things I sort of knew somewhere intuitively but had never consciously activated the knowledge before. And as soon as my brain stops needing 10 hours of sleep a night to recover, I’m totally going to write a book. Really. Promise.

Right after this nap.

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