The Rise and Fall of Sweater Weather

(See what I did there?)

Well, summer is over and September is in full swing, or so the current weather around here would have you believe. I personally am a huge proponent of sweater weather–what’s better than a crisp fall day with colorful leaves crunching underfoot, a clear blue sky, and a hot chocolate? Or a PSL, if that’s your thing. Here in Southwestern Ontario we’ve been enjoying a delightful cold snap–I’ve actually worn a coat to walk the dog most mornings and evenings this week. So of course tomorrow it’s going to be in the 80s. Climate change! On a macro and micro level.

It’s all good, though. I wasn’t really ready to break out my fall boots and the scarves and the fingerless gloves and the rain gear just yet. I can handle another week or two of shorts and T-shirts and hard cider. Especially if one of those weeks is in Disney World. (Say it with me: “Six more days!”) Why is it that time slows down to a crawl when you have something you’re really looking forward to? Is it true that the closer you get to vacation, the more you feel like you desperately need one?

Now I just have to hope Hurricane Florence doesn’t screw this up for me. And while she’s at it, if she could spare people and pets living in her path, or better yet just go spin out over the Atlantic without making landfall, that would be great. She can fling around as many sharks as she wants as long as she does it over open ocean.

MEANWHILE, the Carolina Hurricanes have released a new third jersey logo that looks like two inflamed square buttholes on a hockey stick. Fortunately since they traded precious cinnamon roll Jeff Skinner to the Buffalo Sabres I don’t have to see any players I care about wearing it. (I guess I could always stop watching hockey games… lol.)


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