Release Day Summary and Roundup

Hey Ashlyn, where’ve you been for the past two and a half months?

Oh, you know. Out of town at a wedding, burying my grandfather, emceeing my brother’s wedding (also out of town), having a third-life crisis (am I now officially in my midthirties? shit), dealing with my baby dog’s first ear infection, babysitting his hyperactive BFF. It’s been a busy summer, what can I say? Nobody scheduled me time for a nap.

Anyway, today’s release day. Honestly, I’m so discombobulated from the whole *waves hand to encompass very emotional past two months* that I don’t have much in me to make a big deal of this, but it seems wrong to let it pass wholly unremarked upon. So! Today is the day Hex and Candy goes out into the world. It’s a contemporary magic romp that’s sweet and a little spicy, a lot silly, and made with love, much like Cole’s candy confections. And it already has a great review up from Annie at Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter.

The good news: if you like Hex and Candy and want to see more in that universe, I’ve got a handful of characters in my back pocket and they’re all clamoring for a chance to meet you.

The bad news: they’re fighting over which of them will get their own book first, so instead of having 30k on one book, I have 10k on three books. Somebody teach me how to focus….

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