Ashlyn Kane’s M/M Hockey Romances

The Inside Edge

When the network hires flamboyant figure skater Aubrey to be straitlaced NHL player Nate’s sports co-anchor, opposites don’t attract, they collide at center ice. Can they keep their feet if they risk their hearts?

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side Edge

The Hockey Ever After Series with Morgan James

Winging It

Hockey Ever After – Book One

Coming out and falling for his teammate were not in pro hockey player Gabe Martin’s game plan. This time he’ll have to adapt on the fly.

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The Winging It Holiday Special

Hockey Ever After – Book 1.5

NHL player Dante Baltierra’s in for a few surprises this holiday season….

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Scoring Position

Hockey Ever After – Book Two

Newcomer Ryan’s off-ice assignment? Befriend Nico, the team’s struggling superstar. There are just two problems. One: they hate each other. Two: they don’t hate each other at all….

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Hockey Ever After – Book Three


When professional hockey players Max and Grady fall into bed together, it’s just a simple enemies-with-benefits arrangement. After all, neither of them could fall for a rival player… could they?

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