Ashlyn Kane’s M/M Hockey Romances

The Inside Edge

When the network hires flamboyant figure skater Aubrey to be straitlaced NHL player Nate’s sports co-anchor, opposites don’t attract, they collide at center ice. Can they keep their feet if they risk their hearts?

side Edge

Coming October 2022

The Hockey Ever After Series with Morgan James

Winging It

Hockey Ever After – Book One

Coming out and falling for his teammate were not in pro hockey player Gabe Martin’s game plan. This time he’ll have to adapt on the fly.

Winging It

The Winging It Holiday Special

Hockey Ever After – Book 1.5

NHL player Dante Baltierra’s in for a few surprises this holiday season….

(New link coming in Oct.)

Scoring Position

Hockey Ever After – Book Two

Newcomer Ryan’s off-ice assignment? Befriend Nico, the team’s struggling superstar. There are just two problems. One: they hate each other. Two: they don’t hate each other at all….

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