The Inside Edge Sneak Peak

With just over a week to go before The Inside Edge hits a bookshelf near you, here's a sneak peek. What does a work-life balance look like to recently retired professional athletes?Ex-hockey player Nate Overton is trying to find out, but dipping his toes in the gay dating scene post-divorce is a daunting prospect even... Continue Reading →

November News Roundup

With only two weeks left until the release of The Inside Edge, I thought it was time to do a news update. First seems fairly obvious from the header: I've joined Bookbub! Yes, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into *checks calendar* November 2020. You can follow me over there for book news, including... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay To Be Seen

So here’s the thing: in a fit of unprecedented ambition, I asked for a subscription to MasterClass for my birthday. And the first one I’m taking is Neil Gaiman’s Storytelling course. I am ready for this. I am pumped. I am geared up to learn. I have my metaphorical binder and actual literal notebook and... Continue Reading →

Fake Dating the Prince Review Roundup

"As sparkling as a diamond engagement ring, this contemporary delivers." —Publisher's Weekly starred review "A highly engaging read full of humorous moments, delightful characters, and a wonderful romance in a special setting." —Serena at Rainbow Book Reviews "...reads like something straight out of a Hollywood movie."  —Crabby Patty at Gay Book Reviews "Ashlyn Kane nails it in this... Continue Reading →

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