Unrivaled Bonus Scene (spoilers!)

(Trigger warning for emetophobia) Max loved his team. Like, he really loved them. He loved them so much he endured two whole minutes of jokes about scoring with Grady after he scored with the team, drinking from Grady’s cup (gross, but also hilarious), not being afraid to get into the dirty areas, etc. Finally the... Continue Reading →

Playing Catch-up

So... it's been a while, eh? Here's what I've been up to for the past couple of months. Okay, so... first of all. Morgan and I have a book coming out tomorrow! Unrivaled is a super-fun, high heat, high snark, rivals-to-lovers hockey romance. I have reluctantly joined the social media revolution. By which I mean... Continue Reading →

Winging It Director’s Commentary

Dante loved media day. [1] That was probably vain of him, but whatever. Dante refused to pretend he was anything other than his whole self. Sure, there was something ridiculous about standing around in gear and running shoes and making sexy faces at the camera, but Dante was a ridiculous guy. Making the camera crew... Continue Reading →

Winging It Teaser 2

Dante knew he wouldn’t pick up right where he’d left off—he’d been out for a while with a concussion at the end of last season, so he expected to be a little rusty. Of course, Flash and Gabe had played with each other for years and seemed to read each other’s minds with every stride... Continue Reading →

Scoring Position Sneak Peek

As Nico stood under the pounding spray, he carefully avoided stupid English idioms like drowning his sorrows. He was pretty sure that meant alcohol, not hot water. But he had to admit that this was probably his last chance. He’d underperformed for two years. If he didn’t step up this year, the Fuel would lowball... Continue Reading →

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