His Leading Man Blog Tour Roundup, Day 3

Are y’all getting tired of my guest blog posts yet? Imagine how I felt writing them. Surely my life is just not that interesting. On the other hand, who doesn’t love to goodnaturedly rib a guy for being bad at stuff?

Today I was over at Open Skye Book Reviews talking about–yes, okay, His Leading Man, but also my husband’s complete inability to adult for basic tasks! (Okay, that’s an oversimplification, BUT STILL. One of these days he’ll tell me he doesn’t know how to, I don’t know, stem beans or something. [I promise he actually does know how to stem beans.])

Since we’re on the subject (one day we’ll get off of it again), you can read Dee’s review of His Leading Man here.

There’s another one from Ami at The Blogger Girls here.

In non-book-related news, this morning Indy and I were on our walk, and we got 90 percent of the way home… and Indy decided it was time to visit Grandma! So we walked another 35 minutes. I’m going to have such a good nap. Right about… now….



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